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T i m e   a s   p e r c e p t i o n

No longer just contemplation, but also interactivity, this is the key word describing the creative process behind this series of works. In these works and installation projects, Bordoni plays with three-dimensional space, inviting the viewer to actively interact with the work itself or making the time the viewer dedicates to contemplation become part of the work.

Profumi di un ricordo, project, detail

If the works ''Illusion of Time'' and ''Temporal Dialogue'' require time and silent contemplation to be appreciated and understood, the installations ''Past and Future, and Present?'' and ''Scents of a Memory'' require, in addition to visual interaction
a tactile, olfactory and auditory interaction. These works aim to give the spectator an all-round experience that can make one reflect on the perception that Man has of the passage of Time.

Time dialogue

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