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T i m e   a s   S p a c e

Space and Time, two concepts that until the beginning of the 20th century were considered separate and distant. It is only thanks to Albert Einstein that we understand for the first time that there is a link between these two concepts. concepts hides an indissoluble link indissoluble link: the Space-time. But beyond physics and of mathematics, what remain? Have we really changed our conception of Space and Time?

130.217 seconds, detail

Through this series of works, Bordoni attempts to translate Time into Space. Space-Time is translated into thousands of small dots or lines, each of these
marks depict a single moment, painted on canvas. In this way the works tell the story of our conception of Time: an hour is 3600 points, a day 86400 points and so
and so on. Each canvas tells of Time through Space, which thus becomes Space-time and makes us reflect on the conception that Man has of the same.

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